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Gingko Radiance Mask Box5

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Box includes 5 masks

Ancient TCM wisdom melds with modern innovation in our soothing sheet masks to revive tired, dehydrated skin and help neutralize free radicals from environmental stressors. 

  • A harmonizing blend of ginkgo, a powerful antioxidant with an opulent source of Vitamin E that helps to neutralize free radicals from environmental stressors. 
  • Known as “Silver Fruit,” Ginkgo treats parched skin with a rejuvenating boost, soothes inflammation and leaves complexion with a natural matte, flawless finish.
  • Formulated with gotu kola, a revered herb for longevity, our mask nourishes skin, alleviates dermal discomfort, improves hydration, and softens the appearance of scars, blemishes and wrinkles. 

Each mask is infused with mineral-rich rice and lotus flower water , an abundant source of vitamins E, B, C, Omega-9 and fatty acids combined with advanced liposome technology which enhance absorption for maximum results. Our collection moisturizes and tightens skin, minimizes pores, softens wrinkles, improves circulation and brightens. Perfect for all skin types.IngredientsDirectionReviews